Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyer and Attorney for Lane Change and Side Swipe Accidents

In addition to Intersection Accidents and Rear-End Collisions, drivers and motorists can sustain personal injury when a car, truck or vehicle makes an improper lane change and collides with the vehicle in the adjacent lane. A driver or motorist may be liable when he or she side swipes another car, truck or vehicle by failing to make a lane change in a safe and prudent manner. The offending driver’s or motorist’s insurance company may try to minimize any injuries suffered. Insurance companies and adjusters try to settle for unreasonably low amounts of compensation claiming that the accident was low impact since both vehicles were traveling in the same direction, even though there may be major property damage involved. Sometimes the at-fault driver’s or motorist’s insurance company will try to justify a small settlement or no settlement based on the emergency room x-ray being normal. A victim’s x-ray may be perfectly normal even though the victim suffered a herniated or bulging disc in the spine or some other injury not detectable by an x-ray. Only an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) test would show such injuries. Just because the x-rays in the emergency room show normal does not mean that the victim did not sustain significant injury. Structures of the spine and neck are not correctly identified by an x-ray.

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