Mississippi RICO Attorney and Lawyer for Racketeering

Racketeering is a system of organized crime traditionally involving the extortion of money from businesses by intimidation, violence, or other illegal methods. Racketeering can involve a pattern of illegal activity such as bribery, extortion, fraud, or murder carried out as part of an enterprise that is owned or controlled by those engaged in the illegal activity.

The modern concept of racketeering stems from the federal RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), which broadens the scope of racketeering laws to include activities such as mail fraud, securities fraud, and the collection of illegal gambling debts. RICO is a law designed to attack organized criminal activity by investigating, controlling, and prosecuting persons who participate or conspire to participate in racketeering. Since RICO is a federal act, it applies to activity involving interstate or foreign commerce. The RICO Act provides for enforcement by criminal prosecution and also by civil lawsuit, in which a private party can sue for damages.

It is critical that a trained and competent attorney be retained in order to go to the scene and take photographs if applicable, interview witnesses, gather evidence, conduct tests, and conduct other important actions, all of which could play a vital role in defending racketeering charges. Early defense work cannot be underestimated.

Possible penalties for a racketeering conviction include long term incarceration, payment of restitution, significant fines and assessments, and forfeiture of assets. Possible defenses against racketeering charges, RICO charges and White Collar Crime charges can include showing lack of knowledge of illegal activity, proving illegal or improper police procedures, insufficient evidence, and factually proving innocence. Anything you say can be used against you in court. Do not discuss the matter with any person until you’ve talked to the Law Offices of Attorney John R. Reeves, P.C., an informed Mississippi RICO Attorney and Lawyer for Racketeering.

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