Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyer and Attorney for Surgical Injury

Surgical injuries may result from:

  • medication errors
  • faulty medical equipment
  • surgery on the incorrect body part or person
  • amputation of the incorrect body part
  • outdated surgical tools
  • medical sponge left inside patient
  • improper dose of anesthesia
  • incorrect surgical procedure

When surgeons operate on a person’s back, it generally falls into two kinds of operations: decompression and stabilization. Decompression may be used when a disc is pinching a nerve. Stabilization is employed to eliminate weakness. Many back surgeries utilize screws and plates to stabilize or fuse vertebrae. It is critical that these items are properly placed. Improper placement can cause more injury and could require more surgery. During back surgery, cutting nerves or major arteries is always a concern. Great care must be taken to avoid this and other damage.

A CT scan, MRI or other diagnostic tools are used to diagnose a Surgical Injury. Surgery can be called for and can improve the condition. Permanent disability can result from a Surgical Injury. Long-term treatment can be involved which can include rehabilitation therapy, occupational therapy, psychological counseling and nutritional management. You need an attorney who understands both the physical and emotional pain victims of Surgical Injury suffer. At the Law Offices of Attorney John R. Reeves, P.C., we will take your case on a contingency fee basis and this means that you pay no attorney’s fee unless we recover funds for you.

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