Mississippi Property Lawyer and Attorney for Adverse Possession

Adverse possession is a method of acquiring title to real property by possessing the property for a stated period under certain conditions. This is sometimes known by lay persons as “squatter’s rights,” although that term is not normally used by attorneys and courts. A person must possess the land continuously, exclusively, hostilely, openly and notoriously for a period at least 10 years. The Mississippi Supreme Court has defined what these terms mean over the decades. These terms do not necessarily mean what they appear to mean and particular legal significance is ascribed to certain aspects of each term. You must consult a competent Mississippi Adverse Possession Lawyer and an experienced Mississippi Adverse Possession Attorney in order to properly advise you, as a landowner or possessor attempting to gain title, whether the legal requirements for adverse possession are met. At the Law Offices of Attorney John R. Reeves, P.C., we have handled adverse possession cases, on behalf of the landowner and the possessor, for years. Let our experience work for you if you have an adverse possession case to file or defend. We can help you answer questions such as:

  • How has the Supreme Court defined each of these elements which are required to prove a claim of adverse possession?
  • Does it matter if you have paid the property taxes on the property even though someone has possessed your property for 10 years or more under adverse possession?
  • Would you lose all of your property if adverse possession elements are met, or just a portion of it?
  • Does the adverse possessor have to pay any money to the landowner?
  • What is the effect of fences on the property?
  • What if the adverse possessor was told to leave the property?
  • What if the possessor occupied the property with the permission of the landowner?

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