Mississippi Product Liability Lawyer and Attorney for Defective Medical Products

Medical devices are monitored by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA monitors all sorts of devices, including heart valves, pacemakers, prosthetic knee and hip devices, X-ray machines, among many others. The FDA must approve the device before it can become available for use. The FDA requires manufactures and distributors to notify it of failures in approved devices and about events that may have caused death, serious injury or illness. While the FDA approves the uses marketed by the manufacturer, it does not govern physicians actual use of the product. There are instances in which physicians have used approved products in unapproved ways. Proving a case of liability for defective medical products requires very technical expertise. This is accomplished through the use of expert testimony. It is important to know that not every failure is attributable to a defect in manufacturing or design. Again, expert testimony is required to prove this.

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