Product Liability Lawyer and Attorney for Defective Automobile and Vehicle Design

A vehicle manufacture could be liable for a defective automobile design. The design of the vehicle could cause an occupant to obtain an injury or could cause the occupants’ injuries to be more severe. Some examples of automobile defects include, but are not limited to:

  • Airbag Failure – The occupant obtains serious head and/or neck injury when the air bag fails to activate or the air bag activates with too much force.
  • Door Failure – The occupant is thrown from the vehicle due to a door failing to stay closed.
  • Fuel System Failure – Post Collision Fuel Fed Fire (PCFFF) is when a vehicle catches on fire and erupts into flames because of a leak or puncture in the fuel tank or a defective fuel system that was inadequately designed.
  • Inadequate Side-Impact Protection – The doors are poorly constructed, are lacking proper reinforcement or have a defect that causes the doors to fail on a side-impact collision.
  • Roof Failure, Roof Crush, Rollovers – The roof support structure fails and the roof caves in on to the occupants. This could cause numerous injuries including neck and head injuries.
  • Seat-belt Failure – The seat belt is faulty or defective causing the seat belt to break or to have too much slack, failing to restrain the passenger during a collision.

Occupants and passengers are disfigured, crippled, paralyzed or killed every year in auto collisions and auto accidents. Design defects, failure of manufactures to provide a safe crash worthy vehicle and parts and structure failure cause and contribute to many of these injuries. Passenger cars may not have the state of the art safety features of that of a race car; but the auto industry has the technology to build safer motor vehicles. In America today we have witnessed economic considerations overriding safety. Auto Manufacturers have made an effort to cut corners on important safety features which have been omitted or not adequately provided. Automotive product liability cases give the victim compensation along with giving Auto Manufacturers an economic incentive to produce safer, more crash-worth, and less defective automobile design.

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