Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyer and Attorney for Defective Sidewalks

If a sidewalk or walkway is maintained so that it presents a reasonable risk of harm to a person exercising ordinary care and prudence, the owner of the sidewalk can be held liable under certain circumstances. If a governmental entity is involved the rules for liability and the potential recovery can be significantly different from situations involving private landowners. Expert testimony from an engineer or architect is sometimes necessary. It is critical to contact the Law Offices of Attorney John R. Reeves, P.C. as soon as you suffered injury or damages in a situation where the property owner can be held at fault. There are deadlines, called statues of limitations, which can bar your premises liability lawsuit if it is not timely made.

Please contact us to arrange for a confidential consultation with a Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyer and Attorney for Defective Sidewalks. There are no fees unless we recover money for you.

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