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Workers’ compensation is the system of providing benefits to an employee for injuries occurring in the course and scope of employment. Mississippi Law provides that in most instances an injured worker covered by workers’ compensation may not sue his employer for his injuries, workers’ compensation being the exclusive remedy. There are instances, however, when an injured worker may file what is known as a third party claim against a person or entity believed to have caused or contributed to the accident. A third party would be a party other than the employer, such as the manufacturer of equipment, or the negligent driver of a vehicle that collides into the vehicle operated by the employee. A third party claim is separate and apart from any workers’ compensation claim. In some instances, the spouse of the injured worker can file suit against a third party for what is known as “loss of consortium.” The law sets forth specifically the amount of money an injured worker will receive in a workers’ compensation claim. An injured worker can expect to receive “indemnity,” which is payment for lost wages, and the payment of medical expenses. Workers’ compensation claims can be settled but it is critical that the employee understand the settlement. The settlement can foreclose any claim for future medical expenses and this can be disastrous to the employee if he has an injury which will require extensive medical treatment. It is absolutely critical that your lawyer knows your case thoroughly and knows the extent of your injuries before advising you to settle your claim. At the Law Offices of Attorney John R. Reeves, P.C., we can answer these and many other important questions you may have about your workers’ compensation claim:

  • What is the deadline for notifying your employer of your workers’ compensation claim?
  • What is the deadline for filing a claim with the workers’ compensation claim with the Workers’ Compensation Commission?
  • What amount of money are you entitled to receive in your workers’ compensation claim while you are off work?
  • How do you get your medical bills paid in your workers’ compensation claim?
  • Do you have a claim against a third party for your injuries?
  • How do you go about filing a third party claim?
  • Does your spouse have a claim against a third party for your injuries?
  • Should you settle your workers’ compensation claim on the terms offered by the insurance carrier?
  • Should you take your workers’ compensation claim to a full hearing?
  • Can you appeal a ruling of the Workers’ Compensation Commission judge?

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