An informed Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyer and Attorney for Defective Road Accidents, Defective Street Accidents and Defective Highway Accidents

Government entities can be held liable for an accident or injury that can occur as a result of poorly maintained or improperly designed roads, streets and highways. A defective road, street or highway may contribute to or cause a motor vehicle accident. Poor signage may also contribute to Defective Road Accidents.

Defective Road Accidents (Defective Street Accidents) Require a Thorough Investigation of an Accident Caused by Defective Road, Street or Highway Design and Improper Road, Street or Highway Maintenance.

Recovering evidence and taking photos is important, especially before trees are trimmed, guardrails are added, potholes are filled and road, street or highway conditions are improved. If you are a victim of a Defective Road Accident, Defective Street Accident or Defective Highway Accident, contact the Law Offices of Attorney John R. Reeves, P.C. immediately. As your personal injury lawyer and personal injury attorney, we will fight for your rights.

Road, Street or Highway Conditions that Contribute to a Car, Truck, Auto or Vehicle Accident:

  • Poor water drainage causing excess water on the road, street or highway
  • Improperly graded curve
  • Lack of signs and signage waring of a sharpe, tight curve ahead or warning of a dip in the road, street or highway
  • Absence of guard rails
  • Foliage blocking signs and signage
  • Traffic lights that are damaged or malfunctioning
  • Potholes that have not been filled or repaired
  • Uneven shoulder
  • Uneven pavement
  • A trench or pit that is open
  • Construction zone site that is improperly marked
  • A lack of shoulder
  • Lanes that are too narrow
  • Negligent designs and defects

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