Mississippi Estate Attorney and Lawyer for Conservatorship

A conservator is a person appointed by a court to manage the estate or affairs of someone who is legally incapable of doing so. Mississippi Law provides that a conservator may be appointed over a person who, because of advanced age, physical incapacity, or mental inability, is unable to manage his own affairs. Mississippi Law requires that two physicians who are familiar with the person over whom a conservatorship is sought must state in writing that the person is unable to manage his own affairs and the reason he is unable to do so. Those statements are appended to a petition which is filed in the chancery court of the county of residency of  the person over whom the conservatorship is sought. A hearing is held and the court makes the determination whether a conservatorship is necessary. The court also determines who should server as conservator. In most instances, the court will require the conservator to post bond in an amount sufficient to indemnify the estate in the event of wrongdoing or mistake. The law requires that the conservator file an accounting each year setting forth the receipts and expenditures on behalf of the person for whom the conservatorship was established. The court will consider the accounting in a hearing and approve it or not, as the case may dictate. A conservatorship allows the conservator to transact business, sign checks and contracts and do all other things on behalf of the person for whom the conservatorship was established. This is an important step in one’s life to take and we understand the emotional consequences of undertaking this legal action. At the Law Offices of Attorney John R. Reeves, P.C., we have handled many conservatorships over the years and we can put that experience to work for you to address the needs of your loved one.

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