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The Law Offices Of Attorney John R. Reeves, P.C. represents businesses as well as individuals concerning debt collection issues. Debt collection can involve open accounts, contracts, accounts stated, judgments and many other actions.  At some point in  business, there will be an issue concerning debt collection. Assessing a debt collection issue requires the help of a Commercial Debt Collection Lawyer. As a Mississippi Debt Collection Attorney, we can help you answer several questions:

  • Is it worth pursuing the amount owed?
  • Does the debtor have the resources to pay?
  • Will the cost of collecting the debt exceed the value of the debt?
  • What are your options if you received a court judgment but the other party does not pay?
  • Can you take the property of the debtor to satisfy your judgment?
  • Is the any of the debtor’s property exempt from taking?
  • How long is a judgment enforceable before it expires?


A garnishment is a judicial proceeding in which a holder of a judgment asks the court to order a third party who is indebted to the debtor to turn over to the judgment creditor any of the debtor’s property, such as wages or bank accounts held by that third party. The debtor can claim certain exemptions to shield some his assets from garnishment. The amount of a debtor’s wages that can be withheld to satisfy a judgment ranges from 25% of disposable income for non-child support judgments to up to 55% of disposable income for child support judgments.


While garnishment is technically execution, execution refers to other means by which judgments can be collected. A judgment creditor can take property of the debtor, such as land, vehicles, jewelry, among other things, to satisfy a judgment. A debtor can claim certain exemptions if the judgment being collected is not for child support. A child support judgment is subject to more liberal rules concerning what a judgment creditor can take.

The Law Offices Of Attorney John R. Reeves, P.C. has many years of experience evaluating debt collection issues for our clients. seizing assets, placing liens on property, and garnishing wages are some of the many actions available when there is reason to believe that the other party has assets, an on-going and solvent business or is employed. As a Mississippi Debt Collection Attorney, we will explain the methodologies and options available to you. We will also advise you if there is a chance of recovering the funds that are owed to you. As a Mississippi Debt Collection Attorney, we will provide a realistic assessment about your prospects.We will not advise you to throw good money after bad money in your debt collection case. We will also defend you if you are the target of debt collection efforts. There are a number of legal avenues available that may protect your assets.

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